The university is committed to providing transparency and clarity on its finances and in particular how our income is invested, 特别是学费.

Like most universities, King’s is a “not for profit” organisation. This means that any money held at the end of a financial year is a “surplus”. A surplus is not the same thing as a “profit” which might be returned to business shareholders. The focus of a not-for-profit organisation isn’t to make a profit, but to pursue its stated objectives and so any surplus is invested back in support of these objectives. 在推荐几个体彩外围app学院的例子中, any surplus we generate allows us to invest in delivering exceptional education, 有效的十大外围足彩网站, 对社会有益的服务.

Being a not-for-profit organisation means our income must cover our 支出 and investment needs if we are to support our students and our research endeavours over the long term. As part of the regulations set by the Charity Commission, the university is required to return a surplus each year. This is to mitigate against uncertainty and protect the organisation against unexpected external changes.

财务报表 for the year ending 31 July 2021 (pdf 967 kb).


这是对辛勤工作的证明, resilience and spirit of cooperation shown by our staff and students that the university has withstood the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

在上个财政年度, there has been a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic and it was important that we managed our finances prudently. The immediate priority was to protect the student experience and ensure continued employment for all our staff – including extensions for many even when there was not the certainty of work.

A number of measures were introduced to ensure the continued financial health of the university during the pandemic. 这包括推迟资本支出, carefully managing vacancies and a voluntary six-month pay reduction for members of the senior executive team. In addition to this a number of areas were prioritised for additional support, for example:

  • Offering rent rebates to students in our residences who were self-isolating or leaving early to return home to study online
  • Giving care packages to students self-isolating in residences and staying with us over the winter break 
  • Providing a hardship fund to support students impacted by the pandemic  
  • 进一步 developing and bringing forward online learning
  • 在可能的情况下延长固定期限的员工合同
  • Supporting essential recruitment to respond to changing workloads
  • Prioritising IT projects to support student experience, 数字教育, 远程工作和网络安全
  • Creating our own inhouse COVID-19 PCR testing facility, 氯化钾测试.
  • Investing further in student support by expanding the welfare and wellbeing team and offering Pro-counselling, 24小时为处于危机中的学生提供服务

随着时间的推移, we were encouraged by the continuing demand for our programmes and the continuing research efforts. 多亏了这个, 在仔细的规划, together with the hard work and resilience shown by our staff and students, 这所大学盈余36英镑.4米或3.总收入的6%.

These sums are already carefully earmarked for ongoing working capital and liquidity, as well as for the completion of capital projects to enhance our 教学 and research. This includes long term projects to improve and develop our state-of-the-art facilities and campuses, 怎样才能加强教学和十大外围足彩网站, and is an investment in both our students and the student experience. King’s developments such as the Quad Engineering Building on the 链 Campus will deliver on these objectives and enhance student learning.

进一步, 合作进行的项目, such as investment in a new centre for Children and Young People’s Mental Health on our Denmark Hill Campus will strengthen the valuable contributions our university makes to world leading research, 支持十大外围足彩网站的卫生保健伙伴的工作, 为更广泛的社会提供服务.

Our overall cash balances rose in the year reflecting timing differences in our income and 支出. The majority of our £170m increase in cash came from the planned completion of our recent debt raise that will be used to fund academic investments over the next few years.

An illustrative pie chart showing a breakdown of the £170.2m increase in cash balance to July 2021: New debt taken out for future investment (61.7%), Restarting research, directing funder investment to projects delayed by the pandemic (16.1%),增加I

上图: 解释了£170.到2021年7月现金余额增加200万


上图: Cash commitments and investments from 2021-22 onwards

We also remain vigilant for any potential changes in Government 政策 on tuition fees that might substantially increase financial risk and will continue to maintain a sharp focus on maintaining these cash reserves. 

养老金也是一个关键问题. We expect the delayed USS 2020 valuation to entail additional financial costs through future contributions and the payment of past benefits. Initial estimates suggest this will result in a near £400m cash outflow from King’s, 在接下来的18年里支付. This is a significant cash commitment to provide for past benefits and will be another call on our cash funds over the next few years above and beyond that shown in the graph above. 

The 主要 and the University Executive remain committed to managing university finances in a way that ensures strategic goals are met, key investments are made in our education and research facilities and that our students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of 今天 and tomorrow.


推荐几个体彩外围app学院的收入来源多种多样, utilising a number of different funding and income streams to support high quality 教学 and research. At least 20% of our income is restricted and therefore can only be spent on predetermined specific activity. Some examples of this include money received in competitive research grants, and funding from the NHS for placement and targeted research projects.

The below chart provides a breakdown of precisely where our money came from in the 2020-21 financial year.

An illustrative pie chart showing where King’s derives its income from: tuition fees (50.5%)、十大外围足彩网站资助和合同(18.8%),资助机构赠款(14.5%),其他收入(14.1%)捐赠和捐赠(1).7%),投资和收入(0.4%).


推荐几个体彩外围app学院将其收入投资于多个领域, 都是为了支持教育和十大外围足彩网站. The below table expresses exactly where our income was spent in the 2020-21 financial year.


  • Academic department costs - all staff, equipment and day to day costs in academic departments
  • Academic service costs - learning facilities for students such as Library and central IT infrastructure
  • Central administration and services - for example Human Resources, Finance and Admissions.
  • Premises - all estates and facilities costs, including academic spaces.
  • General education 支出 - for example student recruitment and scholarships.
  • 工作人员 and student facilities - for example the careers centre, 辅导服务及体育设施.

The majority of our costs are staff costs reflecting the ongoing investment in creating and delivering our education and research activity. 亮点包括:

  • We spend significant amounts on our libraries, IT services and 教学 facilities each year. 去年十大外围足彩网站花了12多英镑.门票和参与费用为300万英镑,其中近8英镑.7m in the form of bursaries and other support to eligible undergraduate students.
  • Due to the impacts of COVID we spent nearly £10m hiring additional space to facilitate social distancing, 额外的清洁和标识. We also invested around £2m in developing our own on campus testing facility for our students and staff.
  • As part of our focus on supporting student welfare during the pandemic, an additional £1m was invested in student hardship awards together with extra investment in with a new welfare and wellbeing team established alongside an out-of-hours counselling service.
  • The grant to the King’s College 伦敦 Student Union in both direct funding and provision of space was £7.今年从7英镑上涨到900万英镑.1米2019 - 20.


Tuition fees are the largest source of income year on year for the university, 就像这个领域的其他机构一样. Money received from tuition fees accounts for around half of all income received by King’s annually, with around 15% of our total income coming from home undergraduate fees.

国内学费上限为9英镑,250乘政府, there are also externally set limits on the number of clinical students we can recruit to manage the demand for NHS clinical placements. Fees for international students and for postgraduate courses are set by the university and reviewed annually. 它们是基于提供课程的成本, demand and any publicly available competitor information.

Fees for undergraduate international students are higher than those paid by their home counterparts. The cost of 教学 home students is partly funded by various government sources. Our 教学 for home students is funded partly by the UK Government giving us a set amount for 教学 each student, 充值所收取的家庭费用. We do not receive government funding for any of our international students, the higher fee charged covers the full unsubsidised cost of their education.


King’s invests funds from philanthropic gifts in pooled endowment trusts to generate income to support studentships, academic posts or other purposes agreed with the donor. Endowment trusts are a type of fund set up for a charity or charitable cause, typically used by universities for education programmes. The university mainly invests its endowments in managed funds run by professional investors and not directly into individual companies.

The value of our endowments moves in line with asset values on the global investment markets and can skew our published financial results, in this case as the global economic climate outlook improved due to COVID-19 vaccines and 政策 responses from governments.

King’s specifically invests in funds that proactively screen to avoid controversial and unethical sectors and industries. The university invests in funds that actively target positive social and green investments. The university has no exposure to tobacco producers or fossil fuels, through these funds or any other endowment investment activity. We also hold no investments in any firms involved in controversial weapons.